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The Stack System & The Stack Radar Combo

The Stack System & The Stack Radar Combo



The Stack Adult Speed Training System is an efficient way to improve your golf game. It provides custom dynamic programming from a leading biomechanist, combined with 5 CNC milled Stack weights and specially engineered shaft and hardware. With the ability to create up to 30 unique combinations, The Stack helps you to unlock dynamic variable inertia speed training. Through 4 key metrics -- Stack Speed, Speed, Distance Potential, and Grit Score -- you can track your performance to help reach your goals.


Also included now: Full access to the amazing Stack Putting FREE


The Full Training Package. The Stack System and the Stack Radar


- 2 years membership to TheStack Speed and Putting App


Finally, a complete system for biohacking your clubhead speed.


Video on this page also goes into some detail how the stack system works and if it's for you.


"TheStack is by far the best speed training system available to golfers."

-Chris Como, coach to Bryson DeChambeau



Pre Order before 5th June to get access to one off Pins & Aces offer...
  • Details & Care

    • Dynamic biomechanist programming
    • Custom engineered shaft
    • 5 milled Stack weights
    • 30 weight combinations between 0-300 g
    • Dual-purpose weight case / phone stand
    • Highly engineered training club
    • Compatible with multiple devices
    • 2-year The Stack App Training license (iOS only)
    • An accompanying launch monitor is highly recommended
    • Speed radar included in this combo (PRGR Black)
  • Size & Fit

    • Suitable for right and left handed players
    • Designed for adult golfers
    • Dimensions: 41.5 in (105 cm)
    • You'll need a speed tracking device (comes in this combo deal)
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