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Golf Coaching 

With Coach Gurney


So here you are on your golfing journey. Perhaps at the start: looking to understand the basics of technique and etiquette, perhaps you are Club Golfer who’s game has plato'd and frustration is beginning to set in, or maybe even a competitive player looking for an edge and wanting to take your game to a whole new level… in all these cases a coaching program is a wise decision.


I am lucky enough to work with players in all these categories and just about everything in-between. I believe everyone can learn more about the game and improve regardless of age, physical or mental limitations.


I coach people the way I would like to be coached. On a case-by-case basis. I don’t believe there is just one swing or style of play to suit every person. We don’t all like the same food, enjoy the same movies or have the same hobbies so why should we all play golf the same way?


I do conduct one-off lessons, however, it's as hard to learn how to play the guitar or a foreign language in 30 minutes let alone a few hours so 99.97% of my coaching is done in package formats providing better value for clients and some indication of a commitment for me as the coach. 


I enjoy joining someone on their path to golfing improvement; sitting down, making a plan around a series of lessons and then reviewing our progress after a short period of time (about 12 weeks) to see how we are going and how to get better.


Below is a short video suggesting where we would start if you are keen to learn or improve at this great game...

Andy's Coaching Philosophy


The Why I do what I do.


I love helping people achieve their dreams. I generate personal satisfaction from being a part of a player’s team that helps them achieve theirs. The bigger the dream, the more I enjoy the opportunity to work with the player.


This is why I believe I am always looking to develop my skills, not only as a golfer and a coach but as a mentor and life-leader. There is so much more to being a truly great coach than just having an excellent understanding of the golf swing. It involves the whole person, the whole player and the attitude that the player brings to the game. I’m always developing myself and my skills so I can do a better job for those that I work with to make them better golfers.

The How.


Once we have the dream on paper we can start to create a pathway to achieving it.


“You’ve got to have a plan.”


Once we have plan, then we can get onto the ‘what do you work on’ part of the process. That is what it is: ‘a process’. If you are serious about achieving your ‘Dreams’ then you must be willing to put the time and effort in that is required to make those dreams a reality.

The ‘What’ do we work on part?


Depending on the goal, I believe that we can create a plan to achieve it. If we need to improve your ability off the tee for example, then the use of video, training aids, drills & home exercises may well be the most effective way of learning and improving the skill.


This is done on a case by case basis as no two golfers have the same body, limitations and swings. In preparation for developing the plan, we will work together to identify your needs, and then we will move forward so that your golf game improves, and so will your sense of achievement and enjoyment of life.


Success breeds success.



Good golfing!
Andy Gurney

About Coach Gurney

Coach Gurney is Andy Gurney: Full NZPGA Member AAA, TPI Certified, Golf coach. He is based out of sunny Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. He also coaches at the Waihi, Omokoroa, and Fairview Golf Clubs.

Andy has been teaching golf since 2003 and has been a full NZPGA member since 2005. Golf has taken him to the UK and the US, where he has visited and played courses such as St Andrew’s and Kingsbarnes in Fife, Scotland; The Congressional Course and Spyglass in the US, as well as visiting the TPI Headquarters in San Diego. He also has had experience caddying at both the Australian and New Zealand Opens, as well as teaching and coaching golf to all ages and levels of experience.

Andy completed the NZPGA/Sport New Zealand 2014 Performance Coach Advance Programme and approaches his coaching holistically. He looks at your psychological and physical health on and off the course, and providing support and feedback on all aspects of the game you need help with.

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About Coach Stacey

Stacey is an NZPGA Trainee Professional and TPI Certified (Titleist Performance Institute) Coach and is bringing her passion for the helping people and for golf together to create and athlete centered holistic approach to player development and is really passionate about getting people into golf.

Stacey has played golf from the age of 4 years old following in her fathers footsteps developing a love for the game, she then moved on to become an Auckland representative and at a club level played both Mens and Womens pennants teams and won club multiple championships.

After completing her diploma in Athlete development (for golf) Stacey then left NZ at age 18 Stacey travelled over to the USA and spent some time teaching juniors at one of the summer camps where her program had the most participation the camp had seen in many years. It was her love of the sport and passion for people that achieved this, with many children attending her sessions at every opportunity.

During a spell away from the game Stacey was raising two children, and pursed a successful career as a Real Estate agent and Outdoor Education. Returning to the game Stacey wants to give new players the opportunity to discover passion for the game and develop themselves both as a player and as people. Stacey has had extensive experience and knowledge in working with young people, she has an open honest and positive approach and believes everyone should have the opportunity to play and achieve at their own level.


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