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Swing Balance AI Custom Golf Shafts

Swing Balance AI Custom Golf Shafts

$813.00 Regular Price
$649.00Sale Price

The revolutionary Swing Balance™ Trace Tracking System (TTS) shafts, powered by ACCRA, brings the science of Boditrak pressure mapping to the art of shaft fitting.


The OnForm app uses our proprietary algorithm to analyze multiple data streams and automatically calculate the most appropriate shaft for you to optimize performance.


Buy now or have your swing analyzed by an authorized Swing Balance™ AI professional and feel the awesome power and precision of a shaft that matches your unique Load Factor and CoP Trace. 


Swing Balance TTS Shafts powered by ACCRA are designed to match the 5 common load profiles as measured on a Boditrak pressure mat:

  • Red 
  • Yellow  
  • Black
  • Green 
  • Lime 


Youtube review videos: (me) (terry the co-founder)

Shaft Flex / Load Factor
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