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Sub70 Golf 849Pro Driver

Sub70 Golf 849Pro Driver

$649.00 Regular Price
$599.00Sale Price

Sub 70 have no interest in the arms race that is the driver manufacturing game these days. Every 6 months, other companies are required by their shareholders to announce that they have unlocked the secret to distance, speed, and accuracy. At the inception of Sub 70, we made a promise never to introduce a new product unless we were filling a need or providing actual, real performance improvements to our prior line of clubs. With this in mind, we are proud to introduce the 849 Pro Driver.

The 849 Pro Driver continues Sub 70's aesthetic of clean, classic lines, dark colors, and performance driven shapes. The 450cc 849 Pro provides the higher level ball striker maximum distance by utilizing state of the art carbon fiber weight reduction technologies that permit the movement of weight to specific regions of the head in the heel, toe, and rear sections. This decreases backspin and optimizes launch angle. Combine the head's ability to reduce spin and optimize speed and flight off the face with up to 20 grams of weight adjustability in the heel, toe, and rear section of the head, and you have an absolute rocket launcher that is workable in both directions. Finally, as Sub 70's modus operandi is one of understated class, the sound of the driver has been optimized as well, so as not to draw looks at impact, but only after people have seen where the ball has landed.

The 849 Pro Driver is the epitome of "less is more.” It is packed with every modern manufacturing method and piece of scientific data available, and should be a mainstay in the mid- to high-level player's bag for 2021 and beyond.



Face Angle0.5° Open (at Std)0.5° Open (at Std)
Head Weight203 g203 g
Volume450 cc450 cc
Standard Length Graphite45.5 in45.5 in
Weights (Default)12g Rear, 3g Heel and Toe
Weights (Additional)6g, 8g, 10g
Hosel Adjustment+/- 2°
Body Material9-6-4 Ti
Face Material

15-3-3-3 Beta Ti





849 Pro AdapterNotch Position9*10.5*Lie AngleFace Angle
1Standard9*10.5*57*.5 Open
21 notch towards lower8.25*9.75*57.5*2.5 Open
32 notch towards lower7.5*9*58.25*3.5 Open
4Lower -27*8.5*59*4.5 Open
51 notch towards higher9.75*11.25*57.5*-1.5 Closed
62 notch towards higher10.5*12*58.25*-2.5 Closed
7Higher +211*12.5*59*-3.5 Closed
81 notch towards lie upright from lower7.5*9*59.5*3.5 Open
92 notch towards lie upright from lower8.25*9.75*60.25*2.5 Open
10Lie Upright9*10.5*61*.5 Open
111 notch from lie upright towards Higher9.75*11.25*60.25*-1.5 Closed
122 notch from lie upright towards Higher10.5*12*59.5*-2.5 Closed
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