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Golf impact power smash bag

Golf impact power smash bag


Scientific design according to the basic principles of golf swing, to help players master the correct feeling on swinging ball, can quickly corrected the right hook, so players can master the shot correctly.

It is recommended to fill cloth, old clothes and other soft items in the golf impact bag. Do not fill in hard objects such as sand, dirt, and stones.

Help the players hit the ball more decisive and effective, Designed for correct golfers to practice hitting a ball, safe and reliable

Our smash bag have a plastic buckle at the end that allows you to hold the bag in place with a stick. It can make the bag not move easily during training.

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  • Description

    This hand tote hollow pouch are designed and manufactured for the golfer to practice and correct swing gesture, safe and reliable.

    Thicken waterproof cloth fabric for durable long lasting use.

    With clear target pattern.

    DIY fill in with cloth strips, old clothes and other soft fabric items for a practical golf hit strike bag.


    Red, Black and Yellow.-Material: waterproof cloth.

    Size: 42.5×42.5×26 cm


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