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WellPutt Start 2.0 10ft / 3m – NEW 2022 MODEL

WellPutt Start 2.0 10ft / 3m – NEW 2022 MODEL

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The Wellputt Mat 10ft Start 2.0 encompasses all the essential fundamentals of better putting.


Wellputt has combined two of it’s most popular products, “The Training Mat” and the “Wellstroke” into one incredible mat that will enhance any golfer’s level in putting. The embedded Wellstroke will help get your eyes directly over the ball and the stroke length indicators (back and through) will train your brain to produce the proper length of stroke that matches up the ball speed and the given distance

The size of the visual hole target has been reduced at 3ft & 5ft to sharpen your aim during training with a normal sized visual of the hole at 8ft. This will make the hole size look larger to your eye on the actual course.



  • Approved by Cameron McCormick, Jordan Spieth’s putting coach
  • Motion putting guide + aim and speed control
  • Good zone – Bad zone for training pace
  • The roll, speed and feel of a real-life green at 10/11.5ft stimp
  • Wellputt App (iOS and Android) with Instructions and training routines
  • Lifetime guarantee. UV resistant. Easy to clean, easy to store


Stimp meter speed11.5 ft / 3.5 m
Only 3 left in stock
  • Description

    This hand tote hollow pouch are designed and manufactured for the golfer to practice and correct swing gesture, safe and reliable.

    Thicken waterproof cloth fabric for durable long lasting use.

    With clear target pattern.

    DIY fill in with cloth strips, old clothes and other soft fabric items for a practical golf hit strike bag.


    Red, Black and Yellow.-Material: waterproof cloth.

    Size: 42.5×42.5×26 cm


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